The Who

Currently that is me, Wayne Mullins BSc (Hons) MBA FCCA, just on the inexperienced side of 50.

I’ve pushed trolleys, cleaned toilets, controlled production in a factory, qualified as an accountant, been a Finance Director for 18 years this year, been a Managing Director and have my own company.

I’m a huge believer in customer service since the first job and over the years I’ve become an even bigger advocate of employee engagement and diversity as ways to make businesses more profitable and organisations more successful whatever their purpose may be.

The Why

I’ve worked in businesses that pay lip service to employee engagement and talk about it and think they do it, but they treat it like a tickbox exercise or put lots of effort in to it only to destroy what they have created with one crass comment. I’ve worked in businesses that have no care for engagement and think it is too tree hugging, namby pamby BS, they weren’t good places to work.

Whilst with Biotest UK I was introduced to the VOICE model of engagement during my MBA and I realised although we weren’t perfect we had high level of employee engagement and performance. We had a great culture, we had great people, we added value to people’s lives, inadvertently we had created something special but I realised this is replicable and any organisation can do it with the right mindset and by really focusing on the people. It’s a challenge but it is so worth it! Coincidentally we increased turnover by 43% over five years, moved into much nicer offices and had a parent company that envied our culture.

I have two drivers with engagement and diversity:

  1. It make businesses more profitable and successful (that’s the accountant in me).
  2. Life is so much better when you work for a company that gets engagement (that’s the human in me).

The What

Bona Fide Business Development is my vehicle for sharing knowledge and information to help business owners and managers make organisations more successful by making them better places to work.


I’m happy to share information and posts within the resources section about engagement, diversity and change management (every business needs change management). Feel free to share the content, this website exists to try and make organisations better.

Talk to me

Business is about relationships and being in communication with each other, right? Let’s talk, tell me your success stories, let’s discuss your issues, tell me I’m wrong, confirm that what I say is right……….just don’t be shy!