From pushing trolleys and cleaning toilets, through controlling production in a factory and working in finance to being the MD of a UK pharmaceutical subsidiary, having trained as an accountant and obtained an MBA, I’ve spent thirty years working in some very successful businesses.

I’ve learnt a lot along the way, about myself, about people and what is needed for a business to be successful.

I’ve seen sales treble in 3 years, recessions, acquisitions succeed and fail, attempted to influence Government policy, practised great customer service and developed a strong belief in people and employee engagement.

Business really is simple.

Sell more, spend less and keep customers and employees happy.

It is that simple!

Stop laughing (or crying) for a minute, I know what you are thinking and I have frequently felt your pain, BUT if you could do all four at the same time how great would your business be?

The problem is that life and business is never that simple. It becomes too much of a trade off or we focus on isolated parts and lose the holistic picture. The worst thing to lose is the clarity of vision of where a company is going, what it stands for and why it exists.

Bona Fide Business Development is the sharing of my experience and knowledge. It is about trying to make businesses more successful, profitable and better places to work.

Keeping it simple, it is about selling more, spending less and keeping customers and employees happy.

Focusing on the right things, keeping balance, being aware that building success is hard and being even more aware that destroying success is very easy and only takes a second.

It’s about a lot of support and occasional tough love.

Let’s talk about making businesses more successful

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Wayne Mullins BSc (Hons) MBA FCCA